Rest and Relax

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Find the ideal solution to ensure maximum comfort to your four-legged friend.

For the rest of your 4-legged friends you will find: couchettes, sofas, armchairs, igloos, quilts, covers and pillows, all the latest fashion in both materials and colors and strictly hand made in Italy.

Collars and Leashes

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The ideal accessory between style and functionality

Collars, harnesses and leashes in eco leather or leather with attention to the smallest details that adapt to all the needs regarding the safety and fashion of the moment.

Bags and carriers

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Accessories for a comfortable and effective transport of small sizes

Taking your friend on the road or walking will be a real pleasure with these items made for their comfort of travel in absolute safety.


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Attention to aesthetics and precious materials

Ceramic bowls and other fine materials produced with particular attention to aesthetics and with safe materials so that food can be taken in absolute tranquility.