Design Dog Kennel and accessories

MySte is an exclusive and refined line of kennels and design accessories for our 4-legged friends which is based on the high quality of materials and Made in Italy. The MySte creations are born from a careful craftsmanship and thanks to this every product is unique with a double function: furnishing and 5-star kennel for your puppies. The MySte kennels are made of curved wood and can be upholstered in faux leather like he wants the customer. The cushions can have microfibre and eco-leather coverings that are completely unpacked for easy cleaning.


Leather goods and handmade products

Since 1976 our master craftsmen have started producing better collars and leashes of the world.
The passion for leather and for handmade products are the only meanings for “GiGi”.

The “GiGi” collections reject the logic of mass production but focus on its independent research beyond all trends. The “GiGi” brand is for all those who really want something unique and the final result is a fusion of pure purity and elegance.

“GiGi” collars and leashes are made by artisans with a passion for tradition, creativity and authenticity of Made in Italy.

Our Luxury products

Made with passion by expert craftsmen

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Collars and leashes made of pure natural cotton rope with inserts in soft suede with aged effect.
The metal finishes and accessories are of the highest quality, strictly handmade according to the best traditional craftsmanship,
and reinforced in the points of greater traction in order to always guarantee safety and stability.
Collars and leashes are very pleasant to the touch, while maintaining an incredible resistance.
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Tennis Vintage/Tennis Colors
Collars and leashes made of vegetable-tanned calf leather with soft suede leather inserts. The aging process to which they are submitted gives them a decidedly “Vintage” look, and makes each article almost a unique piece.
These products with a clean and simple line, a perfect combination of sporty and elegant, can be combined with collars and leashes in rope.
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Vintage padded tennis
Collars and leashes in vegetable tanned calfskin with inserts in soft suede with aged effect. Refined by the use of brass studs and a soft suede padding, these items will make any walk with your friends pleasant.