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Our company

I.P.S. begins its history in 2004 after an experience started by a small Pet Shop in Monza in the year 1994. I.P.S. is a new reality born, as well as the many important knowledge acquired during the past 20 years in this sector, especially from the passion of Stefano De Ponti for the world of pets. Thanks to the passion for this sector and the exclusive articles produced, I.P.S. it soon became a solid and well-known structure in the heart of Brianza.

A real pure craft workshop where 100% Made in Italy luxury accessories are born.

Over the years I.P.S. it has evolved without ever forgetting the tradition of Made in Italy and the craftsmanship that are the fundamental cornerstones of the company. I.P.S adapts to trends, to the ways of creating and designing its products, paying more attention to details and quality, making them unique and exclusive. For over 10 years I.P.S., in addition to the production of its collections, is able to produce for third parties and collaborates in the creation of Pet lines with prestigious brands of Italian fashion. The collections, all strictly handmade in Italy, include kennels, sofas, bowls, bags, leashings, all always coordinated with each other. I.P.S. operates in the traditional channel with Boutique, Pet Shop and selected wholesalers and distributors as well as innovative sites for electronic commerce. Distribution is managed either directly or through partnerships with national and international distributors.